Message of chief Executive Office


Thanks God that we have successfully served the transportation industry and We hope with the help of our esteemed colleagues in this industry, infrastructure construction and development services in the beating of the land taken,and be Honor for our country.

We Believe that the economic boom, in the shadow of jihad and the development of appropriate investment in industrial and infrastructure sectors will the consulting engineers with the aim of increasing efficiency, transparency, participation, adjusted project costs, increase quality and protection of national assets,that needs of foreseen applying policies and preventive approach to the transportation industry is new in the way of taking steps to achieve this noble objective.

We Believe in God's favor, our executive experience, technical knowledge, systematic and innovative methods to better how to put on its agenda and to believe.

Study engineering and consulting company Imer  has come this way  And each day more determined than before takes steps to upgrade the road transport industry and We hope soon to see the growth and prosperity of this increasingly important industry and infrastructure.

H. Asami