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Imer Consulting & Surveying Engineers Company, Pvt.J.S. has been duly registered on September 23, 1968, under No.12643 at the Bureau of Registration of the Companies in Tehran, Iran, I.E., it has been/is a source of initiation and pioneering in performing and successfully executing of various technical services for about 41 years in Iran.


Imer Consulting & Surveying Engineers Company, Pvt.J.S. is one of the most old-established Iranian Consulting Companies that has so far rendered the consulting engineering services for some large projects such as road-making, tunnel-making, bridge-making, or for the railway and urban trains (metro) infrastructures. In its projects, the company has had a close collaboration with some of the world's most well known and distinguished companies such as SEPAS of Switzerland, JARTS of Japan, SYSTRA of France, and PPK of Austria.


According to the latest revised qualification classification conducted by the State Plan & Budget Organization (a Governmental Organization Assessing the Qualification & Eligibility of the Iranian Companies) and notified as per the Directive No.401/19788/31 dated 23.09.2006, our company is duly classified to be eligible to carry-out its consulting engineering services in the following two technical groups; a qualification which the company succeeded to attain after making some improvements in the frameworks and personnel of its managerial, technical experts and shareholders:


1. Grade I, Expertise Qualification in the Railway Projects

2. Grade II, Expertise Qualification in the Road-Making Projects